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Why should I have my 8mm and Super 8mm films transferred to DVD?

The biggest reason is that 8mm and Super 8mm projectors are incredibly difficult to find. Projector bulbs are even harder to come by. The good news is that even films that are 40 to 50 years old can still look great on DVD using our transfer process.

Imagine showing the kids moving pictures of their parents as children! See the faces and mannerisms of loved ones who have long-since passed away. Relive ďthe good old daysĒ on any DVD player! The images captured on those old reels are priceless. Your family will thank you for saving a piece of their history.

How does Frame By Frame Video Transfers create a DVD from my films?

Other processing companies merely project your film onto a screen and videotape the image. This technique creates unacceptable flicker when you view the finished product on a TV screen. The edges of the film are also often cropped off, leaving out important parts of the image.

Frame By Frame Video Transfers uses a much better process. We capture each frame of your film to a computer, which then plays back each frame at the exact speed at which it was originally shot. You will be amazed that your old films can be brought back to life so beautifully using our unique process.

How good will my films look on DVD? 

Some of that depends on how good the films looked when they were originally taken. We canít fix things like poor focus, severe scratching, extreme overexposure or underexposure. But our process captures every detail of your original film! If the film was properly stored and cared for, the results can be amazingly vivid! PLEASE VIEW THESE SAMPLES.

NOTE: In some cases, the colors on very old film will have shifted. They may look overly red. For an additional $5 per reel, we can correct color problems.

How many films can be placed on a single DVD?

A standard-play DVD can accommodate 2 hours of playing time. Each 50-foot reel of film is about four minutes. That means we can fit about 30 50-foot reels onto a single DVD.

What if I want my films split up on separate DVDs (For example, weddings on one disc and vacations on another)?

We can do that for an additional $5 per disc. Otherwise, one disc is included free with each batch of films we process (Up to 30 50-foot reels per disc). 

Can I jump to a particular film on the DVD without fast-forwarding or rewinding?

Yes. A chapter marker is placed at the beginning of each reel, so you can easily jump from one film to another. This service is provided at no extra charge. If you would like a menu of each film placed at the beginning of the disk, there is an additional $10 charge.

Does Frame By Frame Video Transfers handle Super 8mm film with sound or 16mm film?

Currently, we only process 8mm & Super 8mm silent films.

What if I donít know what kind of films I have?

Please compare your films with the pictures on this link. (link to format page)

Can music be added to my silent films?

Background music can be added to a complete DVD of films for an additional $10. Due to copyright issues, we cannot add prerecorded music that you provide to us. Click on the samples below to audition the styles of music we can add to your DVD. (link)

What if I want extra copies?

Extra copies of your complete DVD can be purchased for $10 at the time of your order.

How do I know my films are being handled carefully?

Mark Johnson, proprietor of Frame By Frame Video Transfers, has worked with 8mm and Super 8mm film for 20 years. He has also worked in television production professionally.

Our unique process uses a low-heat bulb to backlight your film as it is being transferred. The bulb is not hot enough to burn your film.

I live outside of the Northwest Minnesota area, but I would like to use your services? Can I have my films transferred by Frame By Frame Video Transfers?

Absolutely. Just fill out the ORDER FORM and follow the MAILING INSTRUCTIONS  to get started. We specialize in fast turn-around times. If you provide your e-mail address, we can even keep you posted on the progress of your order!

I also have home movies on old videotapes that I would like transferred to DVD. Can you do that too?

Yes. We can transfer your Beta, VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV and 8mm videotapes to DVD. Please see our HOME VIDEO TO DVD page for details.   

Basic Pricing

8mm & Super 8mm Film

50 foot Reel = $7.50

200 foot reel = $30

200 foot reel = $30

400 foot reel = $60

(One DVD included. Up to 30 50-foot reels. $5 more for split-disc projects.)

Additional Services

Interactive DVD Menus = $10

Music Added to DVD = $10

Color Correction = $5 PER REEL