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Why should I have my home videos transferred to DVD?

Tapes made with home video cameras use magnetic particles to store video and audio signals. Over time, these signals degrade. Depending on how they were stored, tapes that are 10 to 20 years old can begin to lose their color, suffer audio dropouts, and develop other static that can render them unplayable. Once this process occurs, nothing can bring those images and sounds back … images and sounds that are irreplaceable. Please let us help you preserve your family’s history.

Of course, another reason to transfer your videotapes is the eventual obsolescence of the videotape format. We all remember record albums, 8mm movies, 8 tracks, etc. How many do you have in your closet gathering dust because you have nothing to play them on? Don’t let that happen to your home movie videotapes! 

What formats can Frame By Frame Video Transfers work with?

At present, we can transfer these formats to DVD: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video, Betamax, Mini-DV.

What if I don’t know what kind of tapes I have?

Please compare your tapes to these pictures.

200 and 400 foot reels

Beta, 8mm, and VHS

What will my DVD look like?

The quality of the DVD will be identical to the quality of the tape as it exists now. Remember, once a tape develops dropouts and static from repeated plays, age or damage, very little can be done to fix the problem. It’s best to transfer analog tapes before this process begins to happen, of course.

Once you have your videotapes transferred to DVD, every subsequent DVD copy will be identical to the original.

How many tapes can I have transferred to one DVD?

We can compile as much as 2 hours on each DVD. VHS and 8mm videotapes recorded on a home video camera are typically up to two hours long. VHS-C tapes are a maximum of 30 minutes long. Betamax tapes can vary in running time.

How do you charge for videotape to DVD transfers?

Our basic service is a “one disc to one DVD” transfer for just $10 per tape. Chapters are placed every ten minutes to help you find the exact moment you are looking for on the DVD.

What if I want more than one tape per DVD?

We call this a “compilation disc.” Because of the extra labor involved, there is an additional $2 per tape charge for this service. Each of your tapes will be placed in their entirety on the two-hour DVD. This is a popular way to handle VHS-C tapes, as they are only 30 minutes in length. A chapter marker is placed at the beginning of each tape, as well as every 10 minutes.

Can I “cherry pick” bits and pieces of video to be edited onto a single DVD?

This is a special editing order that is charged at $20 per video segment. With this service, a chapter marker is placed at the beginning of each segment.

What can I do with my video once it is on DVD?

It is much easier to work with the digital video on a DVD than it is to deal with the analog video on a VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video, or Betamax tape. With a DVD, you can easily import the video into a computer-based editing system, make a file to e-mail to friends and family, make copies that look as good as the original, or just pop it into any DVD player to watch!

I have old “projector type” home movies (8mm & Super 8mm) also. Do you transfer those too?

Yes. We can make frame-by-frame duplications of silent 8mm & Super 8mm films. Working movie projectors are very hard to find. Have your films transferred by Frame By Frame Video Transfers today by clicking our 8mm & Super 8mm page.

Videotape to DVD Pricing

Basic “one tape to one DVD” transfer = $10 per tape (VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, 8mm Video, Mini-DV. Includes chapter markers every 10 minutes)

Additional Services

Compilation Discs = Add $2 per tape (Includes chapter markers at beginning of each tape and every 10 minutes)

Special Editing Orders = $20 per segment (Includes chapter markers at beginning of each segment)